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A couple trying to get along by playing VR gamesGemini and Cancer are a perfect fit when it comes to challenging each other’s potential. The issue comes when it’s time to be selfless and put your partner first. It won’t always be the case because there is much to compromise to accommodate each other’s needs considering their differences. The spark might be there at first because, as I said, the two might find each other attractive. Another thing, because Cancer is a tender lover and Gemini is adventurous, it’s easy for Cancer to submit to Gemini and have an electrifying sexual experience.

But, you must want to know where his heart lies. A Gemini man in love does not show obvious signs of his feelings. It is because his magnetic personality can make it difficult for you to figure out whether he is in love with you or just being friendly. But knowing some signs of a Gemini man’s heart can let you read his emotions. So, keep reading this post as we tell you about some common and distinctive cues that show he is in love.

This means not taking things too seriously and enjoying a good laugh with you. That said, verbal communication comes easily to us. We are also great with other forms of information sharing, like social media. By nature, most of us are dominant and vibe out alpha male. This trait is apparent in several life areas, including at work and in the bedroom.

You’ll either burst into tears or rise to the challenge dating a Gemini. Study the game of tennis and you’ve got a perfect formula for flirting with Gemini. Whatever they serve you, serve it back twice as hard.

Their impulsiveness could make them buy something in the moment. We’re not saying you should buy your date a gift just for the sake of it, but well, it wouldn’t harm them either. Maybe something that’s interesting and unexpected. We wouldn’t spend too much on anything at a first date, or even just forget about it, just don’t be surprised if they got you something.


We love to say that opposites attract, and they do, especially when it comes to this naturally free-spirited, adventure-loving pair. But they’re not without their differences as well. Both lovers of soaking up knowledge, learning, and racking up new experiences, Sag tends to get super-philosophical, political, and worked up on a soapbox.

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They may also keep you entertained with their running stream of commentary. In addition, Geminis also enjoy the company of fellow air signs, Libra and Aquarius. They may also love analysing and critiquing everyone and everything around them. Yes, a Gemini loves to share the sheets just like most of us do. The thing is, they usually have a very adventurous mind with loads of creative ideas. Romance however can come across as a little dull with too many routines.

The relationship will certainly be filled with energy and lots of adventure. There may, however, be potential for misunderstandings, jealousy, etc. Firstly, both of you must be up front and open about how you are feeling. If your Aries man is doing something that bothers you, let him know. Secondly, both of you must be flexible, and willing to make some compromises.

Since they are highly incompatible, it’s safe to say the two are not a perfect match. Marriage demands a lot of sacrifice and commitment. For this to last, Gemini needs to go home every night to her tender partner and rekindle their sexual connection. But with all her adventurous activities, she doesn’t have time for that. Unless it’s a one-time thing, the sexual connection won’t last.

Gemini and Pisces is that couple who doesn’t seem to make any sense when you first meet them. For instance, Gemini is outgoing, energetic, and loud, while Pisces is shy, sensitive, and calm. When it comes to love, Pisces are romantic dreamers who believe in the idea of soulmates and being with that one perfect person for them. Gemini, on the other hand, tends to find the concept of soulmates illogical. And yet, despite their obvious differences, a Gemini-Pisces relationship can work. It definitely won’t be easy, so Gemini and Pisces’ zodiac compatibility has all the info you need to know about this Air and Water sign couple.

And the only way to get her attention is to engage her in a stimulating conversation. When you talk to her, you won’t be alone since a Gemini woman is always in excellent company. One of the major goals of a Gemini woman’s life is social and intellectual pursuits. Furthermore, because she is restless and she needs to keep her mind engaged, she may enjoy dates that include bookshops, museums, or a day trip to a nearby town.

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But with two gos, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue since Geminis have different sides to them. They’ll always keep their partner on their toes. A Gemini woman knows exactly who she is and doesn’t appreciate anyone, man or woman, telling her something about her personality. And don’t assume that her actions are all about you. A Gemini woman always has a million things on her to-do list, and her lover needs to accept that he or she may not always be first on that list.

I chose Tune2Love after trying several alternatives. It is safe and has tons of real people online to talk to. Geminis are notoriously flirty, and tend to believe that they know how people work analytically. They aren’t possessive, but they do know that people don’t always have the best intentions. If they see their partner flirting and hitting it off with other people, they may have trouble trusting that their partner will stay faithful.