Feetfinder Review Scam Or Legit Site For Selling Feet Pics

They’ll provide 1000’s of pre loaded templets, So its very easy to develop the website even though if you don’t have the idea of HTML coding. Try to use adjectives and specific benefits you offer to your customers while describing your business. This will help AI to understand and create awesome names.

Drive organic traffic to your Twitter and Instagram accounts by commenting and using the right hashtags on both your posts and others. To beat any self-defeating words about your feet, see below. Again, if you think that your feet have some special features, then write it out because there are niches in the health sector your type of feet will fit into. More than 30% of the people reading this post will talk down on themselves that they have ugly legs. If anyone asks you to pay any money to validate that you are genuine, know that a scammer is in town. So as not to make this look spammy, I have created a list of hundreds of hashtags to use for your audience reach.

Most people use this app because it adds fun and joy to the serious day to day life activities. One advantage of this platform is that they have a fast approval process which takes less than 24 hours. You can join anonymously which means your real identity will be protected.

Just take good care of your feet, take flattering pictures, and you’re set. Your feet pics can and will be used for a variety of purposes and audiences, so make it look like it. Get creative and make your feet the most desired on the internet. A watermark is usually a logo, brand name, or signature that’s superimposed on top of an image.

Also, change your socks and air out your shoes to prevent infections. Apply quality moisturizer before going to bed and trim your toenails regularly. In addition to shoes and sandals, foot models may be hired to work with home-ware brands, pharmaceutical companies, beauty brands, and jewelry designers. You never know, it might actually become a good side hustle for you to earn easy money this year. Bloggers can make money in a variety of ways including affiliate marketing, writing sponsored posts, and display advertising. If you Google something like ‘how to take better care of your feet’, you’ll see a ton of articles come up.


Obviously more than just a place to sell your photos, you can still make money listing them here. It’s worth mentioning that Craigslist won’t oversee the payments, so you’ll be on your own to protect yourself from scammers. Feetify is a subscription-based site dedicated to photos. You earn cash rewards based on your activity on the site. You have the option to pay $49 in cryptocurrency to become a premium member.

This app has a large following and as of 2022, it has 170 million registered users and over 1.5 million content creators. This makes Onlyfans one of the best platforms to to build an audience and sell your feet pics. Each platform you sell your feet pics on will have a profile and product listings you can optimize.

Legit Ways To Sell Feet Pics For Money

91% rate the site as ‘Excellent’, and another 8% say it’s ‘Great’. Only around 1% of the vote is split between ‘Average’, ‘Poor’ and ‘Bad’. Probably the world’s number one platform for user reviews, Trustpilot currently lists over 750 reviews of Feetfinder. So focus on purchasing better camera and lighting equipment before trying to fix poor-quality images with a lot of Photoshop tools or effects. If you know anything about photography or videography, then you understand the impact good lighting has on an image.

More Apps to Sell Feet pics

You should not sell pictures of your feet if you’re a minor. This flight attendant who makes thousands of dollars a year with her feet pics side-hustle. These are websites where local buyers and sellers of items or services meet. These are apps that allow users to upload photos from their mobile phones to their marketplaces. If your feet picture is suited for a magazine story, then you will most likely get paid more.

Who buys foot pics?

This is something you may want to keep in mind when targeting potential customers. The platform allows you to connect with other social accounts, like Twitter, to the Discord app. It helps you track fellow feet fans and reach out to them by sending links to their server. Joining Discord is free and, once you do, you can share pics, text, and also videos. When opening Discord.com, the platform recognizes your OS and gives you the option to download.

Otherwise, you may get a temporary suspension or a permanent ban. And you can start by installing it on your device and then creating a free account. However, you can choose to stay completely anonymous to safeguard your privacy. Loveaholics customer service number So, our team of experts delved deep into the industry to filter 28 such legit platforms that you can try this year with complete confidence. Always read reviews and feedback from previous users before signing up for any site.

The app has more than 250 million monthly users across 187 countries who share secrets about their lives, from relationship troubles to job woes. Beyond pricing, take note of the poses that sell the best. Use their styling tips to help grow your business faster.

This is kept secure by the relevant platforms though, so customers won’t see your identity. While there’s no market standard rate for selling feet pics, for any new seller, it’s good to start with a low price of about $10 per picture. You can then increase your rates after starting to gain more clients, with most sellers making anywhere between $5 to $500 per picture. In terms of how to sell feet pics on the Whisper app, it doesn’t have any sort of payment option built into it.