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Kendra Button is a wonderful educator, with a gift for connecting with children and adults alike. She designs engaging lessons that meet the needs of her students, while providing social/emotional support to all. Her ability to connect with her students, design engaging lessons all while providing social/emotional support to all is truly impressive.

He can hear what students in the furthest corner of the classroom are whispering to each other, even if he’s engaged in a conversation with a student, a parent, and the principal at the same time. You can find him chatting it up with students during lunch, recess, and other non-academic settings during the schoolday, getting to know his students in order to better educate them. I salute this educator with a heart for learning https://datingmentor.net/ebonyflirt-com-review while allowing students to be comfortable in their own skin. This awesome Special Education teacher takes time to get to know her students’ interests both in and outside of school. One thing she makes sure to do is to “show up” for them whether it is at a school event or an outside of school event. She prides herself in wanting them to see that she truly cares about them as a whole, not just in her classroom.

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He’s starred in JFK, A Few Good Men, Apollo 13, and Mystic River, to name a few blockbusters. He won a Golden Globe Award and a SAG for Taking Chance, an HBO original movie. In 2007 he founded a charitable organization called SIxDegrees.org, based on the trivia game and subsequent meme, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

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Wannabe filmmaker goes along to a talk by a well known producer who tells the audience that if they’re serious about breaking into film, they have to go to where the action is, L.A.. So four days later, that’s precisely what Randall did. She didn’t know a soul and she didn’t have much money, but she wasn’t about to let a few minor details get in the way of her dream. It’s taken a few years, but Randall has just had her first film screen at the Berlin Film Festival. Hey, Hey it’s Esther Blueburger is a coming of age tale about a 13-year-old Jewish girl who is an outsider in her own world.

In her first film, the adolescent-oriented Hey Hey It’s Esther Blueburger, Catanzariti has the title role. Her co-stars include the Academy Award-nominated Toni Collette and Keisha Castle-Hughes, the latter something of a veteran at the age of 18. But it is Catanzariti who is in nearly every scene, as an oddball Jewish girl who secretly stops going to private school and attends the local public instead in a bid for friendship and popularity. “I’m not a method actor. I enjoy life. My friends at school are always saying they wish I would be quiet,” she says, tamping down her exuberant energy with careful enunciations.

Today, she’s the wealthiest woman in the music business. Madonna proved her talent on the big screen as her career progressed. She starred in Desperately Seeking Susan in 1985, a film which portrays her image.

After studying drama at NYU, she began picking up significant parts in substantial films like Less Than Zero and The Lost Boys . Ladd’s supporting role in Roman Polanski’s classic neo-noir mystery Chinatown starring Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway premiered the same year as Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore . It was the most highly acclaimed film of 1974 and the biggest commercial success.


He vanishes from his village after getting separated from his brother at a train station. Living by his wits, Saroo is able to stay out of harm’s way, and eventually gets adopted and moves to Tasmania, where he assimilates himself into Australian culture. Once he starts to look for his village on Google Earth, Saroo suffers from an identity crisis, pained by the trauma of having been separated from his family and not knowing about his origins.